My 2020 in works

2020 for me was indeed a year. Despite it not starting on a good note, looking back now, a lot was achieved. And I’m glad it all happened. Let’s reflect, shall we:

  1. Organizing my first ever Stop Motion class: Stop motion for me is one diverse content every brand should embrace this new year, as it tells your brand story in a unique way. Glad I was able to pull up organizing an Amazing class for amazing people.

2. A book: I didn’t think I could ever write a book, yeah I scribble my thoughts on medium but actually doing a book on Self-portrait photography?! Didn’t think I could but it’s one thing I’m glad I did before delving fully into the world of Content strategy. The book is still available here more than 200 people think it’s rich, you should get it & judge for yourself (it’s free).

3. Managing the first MMA Reality TV Show in West Africa, working with influencers, and also providing content for its Teaser and part of its launch phase, stretched & tested me. Trust me, a lot of research into the world of fighting, knowing MMA lingos, and also doing what your client wants. I may or may not be able to do a chokehold, don’t test me, please 😂

4. Website design: Yeah, I also designed & created a website. Asides, creating my own website, I think this is the third website I’ve made. One of the things I learned from my blogging days that’s still stuck with me.

5. OPPO A93 Campaign: Being a big part of this campaign was Amazing! From creative direction to production structuring & execution to campaign launch & to content on socials. Which led to breaking records in sales and reach. I’m glad I was able to put in my creative thinking skills. I love visuals so much and this was a very visually appealing campaign. Also, got me putting all I learned from being part of the A92 & #OPPOxBBN campaign.

6. Amber Energy drink: This is my first time doing anything radio, and I’m glad I was able to write a radio hype script, pr listicle. Hoping to write more radio scripts and hopefully TV this 2021 ✌🏾

7. Illustration & Stickers: I always sucked at drawing, heck! I ran away from anything drawing, but I discovered digital drawing in 2020, learned to embrace art as subjective and an expression of you that doesn’t have to be perfect. I went into illustration & sticker making. Definitely, doing more of this 2021!

2020 saw me stretching myself, doing things I never thought I could, and just taking those steps whether they were bold or not. To everyone that gave me a chance, I’m forever grateful. Here’s to learning & doing more this year. More digital, radio, tv, content & who knows write a bigger book?😏 🥂

So, enough about me, what were your career highlights of 2020?

Happy New Year 🎈

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